KBM Apex Group provides comprehensive excellent services covering the needs of all businesses from the basic company secretarial, accounting/bookkeeping, audit advisory and tax submission to the advance consultation services such as corporate structure, investment, merger & acquisition, and IPO.

Company Secretarial​

Appointment of Company Secretary is a statutory requirement for companies incorporated in Malaysia according to the Companies Act 2016. Entity which is Private Limited (Sendirian Berhad) and Limited (Berhad) are required to appoint at

least 1 company secretary under the provision of act.

In addition to all the responsibilities, the Company Secretary is also a key member of the company in the implementation of corporate acquisitions, disposals and mergers, while protecting the company’s interests by ensuring the effectiveness of all documentation, ensuring due diligence disclosures, enabling proper commercial evaluation prior to completion of a transaction; ensuring timely execution of documentation etc. At KBM Apex Group

  • Incorporation of Company
  • Appointment of Company Secretary


Generally, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services are outsourcing role of an accounting department function. This cover all necessary functions such as bookkeeping for AP/AR/PV/Bank reconciliation/depreciation and the process to finalize it to generate financial statement for business and company.

We will assign an accountant who will work with you on your business accounting needs based on your financial documents while review and organize the information to create and maintain your accounts ledger.

The accountant will ensure management accounts are ready on timely basis and to fulfil annual statutory audit purposes as well as SSM compliances. We will provide financial statement (full set account) base on your needs at monthly, quarterly or annually basis. It is a statutory requirement that all financial document and its supporting document are to be kept for tax audit for period up to 7 years.

  • Onsite or Offsite Accounting
  • Account review
  • Accounting Software

Taxation & SST/GST

Tax submission is one of the statutory requirement for all businesses & companies under the Malaysian Law. All business are required to submit their tax return base return base on the self-assessment and file to IRB (LHDN) & Custom (SST/GST).

As such, the business owner are liable to and the cost of improper or inadequate handling of tax issues could be devastating and might restrict the development of a company. Thus, professional effort is a better assurance when dealing with tax issues. In additional to the routine tax submission & filing, we also provide extensive tax planning advisory which can save large amount of management time, effort, and costs while compliance to the latest tax requirement.

  • Appointment of Tax Agent
  • SST/GST Related matter
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Tax audit/investigation by IRB

Internal Audit

Apart from the annual external audit which is statutory requirement for private limited company and limited company, internal audit is also a process whereby company can adapt to check and assess their compliance and governance.

This is a process of self-checking to provide an insight to the management, board of director and shareholder on the company governance efficiency which can prevent dispute and mishandling along the process.

We provide comprehensive audit work covering various industries from contracts related, trading, services, manufacturing and more. During the process, investigative effort will be carryout by our accountants and business specialist where we will dive into a company’s financial matters to check for doubt of fraudulent activities such as corruption, misappropriation of assets and falsifying financial statements.

  • Appointment of internal auditor

CFO & Business Advisory

As businesses grow from inception stage to mature and development stage, basic accounting and financial statement will not be sufficient to provide further guides toward subsequent development such as diversification and establishment of regional offices.

This is the time when businesses required CFO & Business specialist advice for their upcoming business strategy. In this aspect, CFO will provide views on the company financial standing such as cost efficiency & profit optimization, treasury management, tax planning, cash flow projection and finance tools.

On the other hand, business specialist will provide advice on market insight, management efficiency (HR), market statistic, digital transformation and feasibility study for any changes and development plan for the company.

  • Appointment of Outsource CFO
  • Appointment of Business Specialist

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, appraising the performance of employees, maintaining proper relations between employees and employer. 

We represent our client to act as an intermediary HR manager, ensuring them on their rights when dealing with employee’s issues. We also adapt our in-house HRM system as a powerful tools to better manage HR related matter, such as attendance, leave, claims, payroll, KPI, EA form, payslip and more. In addition to that, we also provide specific personnel outsource service which allow highest level of cost saving and efficiency for our client and avoid long term HR commitment.

  • Appointment of HRM Service
  • Outsource Employee
  • HRM system – The RoBoard

Corporate Training

As part of continues development strategy, we provide many technical specific training program for our client in terms of their own and staff’s skill development. Among that, business management, finance & accounting, taxation, corporate strategy & legal, HR management, engineering, contracts & legal and other business related subject. In addition to this, we are also one of the certified HRDF training provider.

  • Training Calendar

IPO Consultation & Equity Investment

Capitalization is a path towards sustainable and long term development for a company. Our Team of professional including accountant, lawyer, auditor, tax agent, business strategy advisor, equity investment specialist and corporate finance advisor can provide our client with the beast support. 

The unique step of an IPO to raise equity capital has to be well thought-out and planned. We work together with you to create a tailored issuance concept for your successful placement on the stock exchange and provide comprehensive consulting services to answer all the relevant questions on the subject of going public and more. In the process, our team will consult our client in terms of the requirement for IPO, conversion processes (corporate structuring), business plan, issuance concept, mandate agreement, due diligence reviews, company valuation, pre-IPO marketing, stock option plan until listing itself. In addition to this, we provide both way of equity investment to our client who are also interested in equity investment in the project we are working on.

  • IPO consultation
  • Equity Investment

Business/Personal Financing Advisory

Credit and finance facilities is always the essential factor for a business development. No doubt organic growth is possible in a conservative manner, business financing is nevertheless needed to accelerate the growth of company before your competitors does. 

Business today is managing the leverage from credit facilities, this can provide a scale up opportunity for business to further expand their business and strengthen their current position. We are here to advise on how to secure financing facilities from the all local banks and finance house by understanding the nature & financial standing of your business with matching type of facilities and financial institution appetite.

Apart from businesses, we also provide personalise advisory services to individual dealing with bank financing, such as personal loan, mortgages, and refinancing.

  • Appointment of Business Financing Advisory
  • Appointment of Personal Financing Advisory

Digital Programming

Digital transformation had been the key changing for all company. Digitalize company is proven to be fore front driven player for almost all the industries. We provide software, IOT, customize solution for our customer in transforming their existing business into the digital space. Our in-house ERP system – The RoBoard is a unique system tailored for SMEs while having a comprehensive management module for users to manage their company from cloud.

  • The RoBoard ERP system (ERHP+)
  • Customize software
  • Appointment of software maintenance
  • Customize & modular website

Marketing & Event Planning

Increasing revenue, clientele is always the utmost important aspect in business. Evolution in marketing tools from the physical form of paper advertising, billboard, flyers to social media, internet Ads, had allow more business to gain access to new customer pools easier.

As contradict as it is, such marketing method are not as simple as any business can DIY for themselves as it require high level of resources input and full range of media & digital work to complete the task. We are equipment with our specialized team of media & digital graphic from 2D design to video graphic production which form the essential part of the new generation marketing strategy. In addition, to that we are also one of the leading service provider for event planning which involve marketing campaign, ceremonial event and many more. Our YouTube channel: youtube

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Planning

Property Investment & Facilities Management

We provide comprehensive property investment portfolio to our client from land (agriculture, commercial, industrial & residential), completed sub-sales property, and auction property. From the entry point of investment, subsequently our team can provide our technical services in terms of development, construction and facility management. Our aim is to ensure that our client investment is appreciated and profitable either short term, midterm or long term investment.

  • Investment of Property
  • Facilities Management